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Horror & dark FICTION

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"In sickness and in health, till death do us part..."

In the wake of a tragic accident, an idyllic marriage turns into something more sinister, and when the zombie apocalypse begins one couple must decide exactly how long they are willing to let their vows bind them...

TILL DEATH is part of the TALES FROM THE END series.




"Forgive me Angela, for I have sinned."


ANGELA, a bleak and unflinching gothic horror in which we meet a lonely, middle aged woman who must live with the legacy of her family's dark secret, the madness that grows in the absence of love, and a closet full of delicate skeletons.


"...poetic, lyrical, dark and shadowy...filled with tiny moments of brilliant light and hope... Honestly, it's hard to do it justice in words, the prose is just so finely crafted..."







"Love will tear us apart they say, but so will tooth and nail, and I have all three."


A zombie horror told from the zombie's perspective, THE END is one woman's account of the end of her life, her family, and everything.

THE END is part of the TALES FROM THE END series.

…achingly mournful, almost unbearable…a novella of genuine intelligence and masterful narration…ultimately THE END is an observation of loss… - from The Slaughtered Bird. 

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"What drives a man?" 

Meet David, an ageing delivery man by day, and storied serial killer by night. Tonight his killing career is coming to an end and he intends to go out with a bang, but as we follow him on his journey we will discover that he is coming to terms with an unexpected change in his life, and we will see what might happen when someone who has been so bad for so long grows a conscience and has to look back at his blood-stained history with a new pair of eyes.