From Obsessive Book Nerd

“Booth’s prose is absolutely mesmerizing. The way his narrator’s voice flows through colorful descriptions of gore and deplorable acts is astounding in its reluctance to fully sacrifice his character’s humanity. Zoe’s human consciousness is trapped inside the terrible creature she’s become. This presents a fascinating dichotomy for the reader as Zoe is horrified by her actions, but conscious of her newfound hunger.”

“With beautifully constructed prose and an intensely brisk pace, The End is a very quick and satisfying 74 page read. It’s a character study, replete with originality in a genre that sorely needs it.”

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From UK Horror Scene

“The End does something that is very rare…you get to feel the hunger, the pain, the incredible loneliness… “

“This is Adam M Booth’s début book and it is remarkable. He writes in a beautiful poetic manner, the pages are full of striking visual descriptions and then sudden dramatic prose, and running throughout The End is a beating rhythm…”

“If you are a zombie fan then this is a must, and if you just want to try something a little different then why not sit back and read in one go The End as it is a perfect one-sit read, especially as you will not be able to put it down!!”

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From The Horror Bookshelf,

“Booth’s writing style is very poetic and makes for some particularly gripping scenes when he describes Zoe’s transformation and her bodies slow degradation throughout the course of the novel.” 

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From Patrick J. Dalton

“There are more levels & depths to this novella that evoke both emotion & imagination across the spectrum than can be summarized adequately (& justly) here. It is dark, unflinching, and yet beautiful all at once. I highly recommend The End for the literary value alone. Adam M. Booth is going to be a gamechanger.” 

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From The Slaughtered Bird

“…achingly mournful, almost unbearable…a novella of genuine intelligence and masterful narration…ultimately THE END is an observation of loss…”

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From Horror Novel Reviews

“The tale is nihilistic, and demonstrates with poignancy the ways in which the world we currently live in is both fragile and hollow. The unique point of view is brought to life with vivid and imaginative descriptions. Zombie horror works best when it provides social commentary. Booth delivers this in abundance.”

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“Agonizingly, beautifully horrific….zombie poetry. Loved it.”

“Horrifyingly atmospheric”

“This is beautifully written and both brutally gruesome at the same time. It was absolutely gripping….wonderfully poignant”

“Beautiful and devastating”

“I wish I could write as beautifully as Mr. Booth, only then could I give this story the review it deserves.

I. Loved. This. Book.

The story is haunting, beautiful…, just amazing.

I’m going to read it again tomorrow night.”

"Extraordinary! Adam Booth has dragged the zombie tale kicking and screaming into literature.
A must read for zombie fans."

I was very (very) pleasantly surprised by this book. The depth of character ... is absolutely amazing. The book is written so beautifully as to be almost poetic...

This book has all the makings of a classic. Think along the lines of Thomas Hardy, Mary Shelley and Emily Bronte.


This is an odd combination of gruesome detail and literary writing. The ending was amazing. This is not for people who want fast, action-packed zombie stories. But it is thoughtful and did I mention the ending is amazing? And a little terrifying.

"Adam Booth's "The End" is pure poetry of the most gruesome, human, intensely biological variety. For so quick a read, the sensation of finishing this story is one of aftermath, of coping with what one has just experienced, trying to contextualize the sensation of yawning horror and unyielding grief. Booth succeeds in inflicting true pathos upon true revulsion, a combination of interlocking emotions which I find especially rare in horror subgenres, and which in this work is nothing short of remarkable."

Gripping, terrifying, beautiful – it’ll stay with me for some time”

“Adam Booth can write. The writing itself is both beautiful and disgusting at the same time, and it’s this dichotomy that is really striking.”

“What bothers me in this story is that the uninfected are so passive; none struggle to live, none really attempt to escape and regroup, as do the survivors in Walking Dead or other examples of the genre. They just go down. Western nihilism? The death wish come to fruition?”