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Till Death is out now

After a long period of radio silence, I'm pleased to announce that TILL DEATH is finally out. I’m describing it as a zombie drama. It has zombies and all the gore and violence the genre demands, but at its heart, it is a relationship drama. The story centres on a couple in their forties who ran from city life to live self-sufficiently on the south coast of England, but who found tragedy where they were expecting to find paradise. As they struggle to make a life in the wake of that tragedy they become so isolated by their shared pain and private conflict that they are unaware that the world is ending around them.

The story is set within the same zombie apocalypse as THE END and although the two stories don’t intersect, having read THE END will add depth to TILL DEATH. As such, the two books are now part of a series that I will call, TALES FROM THE END. Expect more tales from the end soon... (or when I regain the appetite to write about zombies again)


The book is available for Kindle now, will be in paperback shortly, and as an audiobook shortly after that. 



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I'm pleased to introduce my first collection, called TERMINAL

TERMINAL collects DRIVE, ANGELA and THE END together for the first time. 

A train runs through these three stories, and like all trains, and all journeys, it must terminate somewhere, and this is the end of that line.

I chose the name TERMINAL because it's both a condition, and an ultimate destination, and these stories are examinations of the human condition, as much as they are journeys with definite endings.

The three stories are set in the same universe and although they are loosely connected in terms of tone and theme, they are also more closely connected in some key ways that only become apparent when reading the three stories together in the order they are collected in TERMINAL. I think they are more satisfying when read this way, as three chapters in a larger critique of humanity and human nature.

Also at just $2.88 they're cheaper when bought together ;)

TERMINAL cover. Spot the hidden images...