One Man's Land, out now.

James Porter

Well it's been a long time coming (just less than a hundred years in fact), but my Great Grandad's journals from his time in World War 1 are now available to buy from all good retailers. 

His words are an important historical record of the first global war, covering in minute detail the grit and grime of that hand fought battle. Sometimes banal, sometimes grand and blasting, what struck me when I read what he wrote for the first time is that each passing year has only added to the value of the record. To see all the ways that war has changed, and the ways it has stayed the same gives us a unique perspective, an opportunity to reflect, and perhaps even change.

Reading, transcribing and editing them has been a labour of love for everyone involved and we know that had he still been around he would have loved for his history of that great war to be as widely available as they are today.

To celebrate its release I will be discounting the book by 50% for the next month.

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At ease!