I haven't blogged in a while. Life has been having its way with me. Some of it is Cambodia's fault, some of it influenza's, some of it the space my brain needs to itself before I go into a final edit. You can call it laziness if you want. I won't argue with you. But despite my apparent lack of meaningful creative activity things are happening. I've been coming to terms with criticism and what to do with it, (short version, accept all of it, ignore most of it) and I'm gearing up to finish David's story and send him out on his final journey. He's a complicated man. A bad man? Yes. One of the worst, in fact, but he's still a man, and as he himself says, what a man does in the shade of his own shadow is of no one else's concern, except perhaps yours and mine dear reader ;) 

I'm able to more directly specify my influences for DRIVE in a way that I wasn't for ANGELA or THE END. Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD is probably the primary influence. Both stories chronicle a single journey, and without giving anything away, both deal with a universal central relationship. And both look at men who commit atrocities. Not all these men are the same man in THE ROAD, whereas they are in DRIVE. THE ROAD is one of those books I go back to time and again. I adore the tone of it and McCarthy's bleak writing style. It's so efficient but so affecting. 
Every dash of his ink is a masterpiece. If I could write a book with the kind of artistry he shows in a single line I would consider myself a success. In fact I'm considering writing DRIVE without chapter breaks in an homage to THE ROAD (which itself is one long unbroken chapter, as much as it is one long unbroken journey) but I wonder if perhaps I haven't reached the level of literary skill required to make that work yet. At the moment that's how it reads, but when you see it in print it may well be cut up into little pieces.

It's what David would want anyway, I'm sure.