“You have reached your destination…”

So DRIVE is finished. The journey David and I have been on has come to an end, and I feel pretty good about it. The night is over and the welcome sun is rising. I’m not as glad to say goodbye to him as I was with Angela, I think because I felt her pain more distinctly than I do David’s, or because he deserves it, at least partially. Angela was a victim, David is less so. Yes he has struggled, yes there are reasons he has led the life he has, but everyone struggles, and his experiences aren't all that unique. Many other people have been through the same things and didn’t find catharsis in blades and cruelty. Maybe his mind was wired in a way that predisposed him to kill. Maybe his troubled childhood was an excuse, rather than a cause. We’re free to speculate, but we’ll never know. We meet him too late in his life to ask these questions. By the time we meet him he is already on that fateful journey, and like all journeys it must terminate somewhere...


DRIVE was inspired by many things. McCarthy’s The Road. Pride. Lust. Shame. The desire to write a male character after writing two females. But most of all it is about another damaged family and the destructive power of love. How love can cure, and how a lack of it can kill.

It's out now and you can buy it here.


So that leaves me three for three. DRIVE, ANGELA and THE END. My three miserable little stories are out there in the world, no longer strictly mine, free to be interpreted, enjoyed, ignored. Between them they form a kind of loose trinity, connected by theme, length and tone, and the train that runs through them. In early 2016 I am going to release them as a collection called TERMINAL.



forming or situated at the end or extremity of something.

(of a disease) predicted to lead to death, especially slowly; incurable.
(of a condition) forming the last stage of a terminal disease.

the end of a railway or other transport route, or a station at such a point.
a departure and arrival building for air passengers at an airport.