On the 30th November, after after a long and arduous labour, ANGELA was finally born into the world in the form of a kindle ebook. At the time of writing she is currently sitting on the top of the Gay and Lesbian Horror Fiction bestsellers list, and although she's hard to love, and though in many ways I'm glad to be rid of her, I couldn't be more proud.

You can buy the book here...

As I said in my earlier post, this story was tough to write and lived in gestation for much longer than I expected. It changed a great deal, originally being written in first person from Angela's perspective and with a pretty badly judged comedic element that quickly found itself in the bin. For a while she was blonde. For a while she collected cats not birds. It was only quite recently that I really understood what it was about and through re-writes and editing drew more focus to the themes of abuse and alienation that I believe are at the heart of the story. 

ANGELA is a bleak and unflinching gothic horror about a lonely, middle aged woman who must live with the legacy of her family's dark secret, the madness that grows in the absence of love, and a closet full of delicate skeletons.

A strange and unusual character she is in turns ridiculed and ignored by those around her and finds the only companionship she has ever known in the birds she keeps in her second bedroom. 

Having never known love she struggles to love in an appropriate way and when she starts to feel affection for her female boss a dark presence manifests, and she starts down a road that will lead them to their ends.

So, in celebration of her finally being released into the world I'd like to share a playlist of music that that reminds me of her and her tragic life.


By Adam M. Booth