Wicked Little Things, by an alternative Adam.

It's an irrefutable fact that people named Adam write the best horror. Scientists have studied it and found it to be true. There's that guy that wrote The Shining, I think his name was Adam King, then there's the world famous author of intricately woven horror epic, Weaveworld, I'm sure he goes by Adam Barker. Don't google it, just accept what I'm telling you then maybe go and buy a book written by someone called Adam. Thanks, we appreciate your support. 

Adam Ickes

Adam Ickes

One such Adam is Adam Ickes, author of Zombie Tree, and Sock, among others, and, as luck would have it, he has a new compilation of very short stories coming out on the 1st December 2014. Wicked Little Things is the second volume of his 100 Tiny Tales Of Terror series, which compile one hundred horrible tales, each one hundred words long, and each more horrific than the last.

I read the first volume and it was overflowing with imagination and some genuinely disturbed moments, and with so many stories to chose from there is literally something for every horror fan out there. 

Wicked Little Things comes out on the 1st of December and is available to pre-order through Amazon now.